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Study shows travelers who digitally disconnect go through withdrawal, then experience “liberation”

Surveys have shown that the average American checks their phone once every four minutes, so its no surprise that asking vacationers to go without their mobiles will cause some static. But a small study from the U.K.’s University of East Anglia and the University of Greenwich, and Australia’s Auckland University of Technology reveals the “emotional journey” that happens…read more »


Man steals credit card, signs purchases as “thief”

The cops literally have the receipts on this thief. Police in Butler, Pennsylvania have arrested a man after he stole a credit card and signed “thief” for purchases with it, instead of his name. KDKA-TV reports that 28-year-old Marc Lattimore allegedly swiped the card from a woman who gave him a ride in her car. He then took her credit…read more »


Naked burglar caught stuck in chimney

An alleged burglar got caught trying to play Santa Claus while dressed in his birthday suit. He’s now sitting in jail. Officer Jonathan Flores of the Culver City Police Department told KTLA-TV that a woman encountered a naked intruder just before 8 a.m. Sunday. The woman’s husband chased the man away. About 40 minutes later, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s…read more »


To honor sitcom’s 25th anniversary, new LEGO set allows the Friends cast to really click

We always knew Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe really clicked…and now they’ll be able to do that literally, thanks to a new LEGO set commemorating Friends‘ 25th anniversary. On September 1, the company will release a 1,070 piece LEGO set depicting the show’s Central Perk coffee shop. Along with minifigure replicas of the cast —…read more »


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  • Bryan Reeder

    One of my earliest memories was riding in the car with my mom in 1972.  I was too little to see out the window, but I could see tree tops passing by while 55 KTSA was on the radio.  Whenever Saturday In The Park comes on, I picture those tree tops in my mind.  I…
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  • Larry Crippen

    My job is to tell your story. But first, since this is a bio, let me say some things about me. I was probably destined to be in radio. As a kid of fifteen in Dallas, I could often be found talking with other ham radio operators around the world. Money from playing drums in…
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