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Would you wear a bracelet that zaps you to break your bad habits?

(Photo credit: Can’t stop smoking, eating snacks, or biting your nails? Meet the Pavlok, a a self-help device that administers a shock every time you’re tempted to indulge in your bad habits. Worn on the wrist, the device looks like a FitBit — but with a press of a button, it delivers a 350-volt…read more »


“Doc, I’ve got this stabbing pain in my face…”

(Photo credit: abc7 Chicago) Before we begin, we just want everyone to know: the kid is just fine.  Which is an amazing thing, considering how very much NOT fine he was just last week. Fifteen-year-old Eli Gregg of Redfield, Kansas, was playing outside of his home last Thursday evening when, as his mom Jimmy Russell (yes, Jimmy) tells it,…read more »


Santana’s Africa Speaks album debuts at #3 on Billboard 200; band playing Kimmel on Tuesday

Santana‘s new studio album, Africa Speaks, has debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 after seling 57,000 units, almost all of them from album sales. This marks the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame act’s highest-charting album on the Billboard 200 since 2005’s All That I Am, which peaked at #2 on the tally. Africa Speaks becomes Santana’s 15th album overall to reach the…read more »


It’s a miracle: company turns wine into water

Water that tastes like wine is now available in the U.S. O.Vine tastes like wine — but is completely non-alcoholic.  Adi Seifert, chief technology officer of Wine Water Ltd., told ABC News’ Good Morning America that O.Vine is a “natural beverage that’s actually an infusion of grape skin and seeds that are left over from the wine-making process.”…read more »


Former Bearkat McCown retires from NFL, joins ESPN as analyst

After a circuitous career that began 17 years ago in Arizona, quarterback Josh McCown is retiring from football, he announced Monday on The Players’ Tribune. McCown, who turns 40 on July 4, spent the past two seasons with the New York Jets. He made the decision to retire after consulting with his family for the past few months. His…read more »


After Breakthrough Trials, Alzheimer’s Vaccine That Uses the Body’s Immune System May Soon Be Tested on Humans

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive memory disorder that currently affects 43 million people worldwide. Behind the memory impairments, there is a perfect storm of destruction in the brain, stemming in part from accumulations of a protein called tau. Normally a stabilizing structure inside of neurons, tau can accumulate in long tangles that disrupt the ability…read more »


The Animal Kingdom’s Top 10 Best Dads for Father’s Day

The award for the best father in the animal kingdom goes to… the Humboldt penguin. It’s Father’s Day today, and time to give praise to one of the hardest jobs of all – being a father—and for a Humboldt penguin, being a stay-at-home dad means around-the-clock devotion. What makes them number one? These devoted fathers, better known as “the…read more »


ESPN: Social media detox-Chargers’ Isaac Rochell implores us to take notice

Editor’s note:Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Isaac Rochell fell into a social media funk many of us can relate to. He found himself consumed by his accounts and missing out on the things right in front of him. He calls it “an unhealthy relationship with my phone.” So he decided to do something about it. Rochell has championed…read more »


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