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Guide dogs help blind man to historic finish at New York City Half Marathon

Thomas Panek is the CEO of New York-based Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an organization that trains guide dogs, and he put some to the ultimate test when they helped him become the first blind person to finish the United Airlines Half Marathon in New York City on Sunday Three highly-trained running guide dogs, Waffle, Westley and Gus, aided Panek as he ran…read more »

Restaurant veterans compile the rudest customer behavior

We’ve all been to restaurants and have cringed at customers’ bad behavior — and if not, there’s a chance you’re the guilty party. With this in mind, the website The Daily Meal reached out to servers, asking them about their patron pet peeves. The site compiled its list, in no particular order, of the “30 Rudest Things…read more »

Woman gives birth to six babies. In nine minutes.

Well, if you’re gonna have a lot of babies, might as well have them all at one — and fast. According to the Houston Chronicle, Thelma Chiaka gave birth to one set of twin girls and two sets of twin boys last Friday morning at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas.  That’s impressive enough, but then consider that the…read more »

Flintstones house? That’s OK, but those dinosaurs have got to go

Who doesn’t love The Flintstones?  The town of Hillsborough, California, that’s who. A little background first.  For years, there’s been a property in Hillsborough, in the San Francisco Bay area, known as the Flintstones house.  And for good reason — built in the 1970s, its design was inspired by the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon.  Since then, its distinctive…read more »

New Research Says Your Alarm Clock Settings May Indicate a Lot About You

The early bird may get the worm, but a new poll suggests that ‘larks’ have a lot more in common than that. A look into the sleep habits of 2,000 Americans revealed some interesting differences between those who stay up late and those who rise early—from their personality traits to their hobbies, and even their…read more »

Video of a little girl losing it while watching Stuart Little goes viral

When Savannah Love curled up with her three-year-old to watch Stuart Little for the first time, she never expected the emotional reaction the movie would solicit from her daughter. And now, little Sutton‘s reaction has gone viral. Sutton was brought to tears after watching a scene where the little animated mouse, voiced by Michael J. Fox, gets caught in the washing machine.…read more »

Polish those 76 trombones: Hugh Jackman returning to Broadway in The Music Man

With his Wolverine claws evidently hung up for good, Hugh Jackman is returning to the Broadway stage — in the revival of Meredith Willson’s beloved classic, The Music Man. Jackman will star as con man “Professor” Harold Hill in the play, produced by fellow Tony-winner Scott Rudin. This will be Jackman’s first role in a Broadway musical since his debut…read more »

Aladdin star Will Smith pays tribute to the late Robin Williams’ Genie

Thanks to an artist’s cartoon rendering of them both in blue, Will Smith has shared a touching post in honor of the late Robin Williams. Smith plays the Genie role in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Aladdin.  The magical character, of course, was played to perfection by Williams in the original 1992 animated classic. “I know Genies don’t have Feet… But you…read more »

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