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Electronic patch could someday help you keep your cool, literally

If you’re one of those people who have a tricky internal thermostat, technology may soon give you a hand, in the form of a high-tech patch. Engineers at the University of California San Diego say their soft, flexible patch they’ve developed can cool you down if you’re too hot, and make you feel warm when the temperature…read more »

Partially paralyzed disabled vet sets Guinness weightlifting record

What’s your excuse for not going to the gym? Martin Tye was a lance corporal in the British Army in 2009, serving in Kabul, Afghanistan when a suicide bomber drove into his vehicle. Tye was left paralyzed from the waist down and fighting PSTD. He’s undergone 20 operations, has metal implants in both of his knees…read more »

Part time Board Operator

KSAM/KHVL is accepting applications for a part time board operator.  Radio experience preferred.  Applicants must have general computer knowledge and will be required to work evenings and weekends.  Applicants with announcing experience may also be assigned other duties.  Download application above and return to KSAM/KHVL offices in person, 622 Interstate 45 South, Huntsville, TX.  If…read more »

(SPOILERS AHEAD): Game of Thrones fans calling for season eight do-over with “competent writers”

(SPOILERS AHEAD) A number of Game of Thrones fans apparently aren’t happy with the direction of the show’s eighth and final season, and they’re calling for a remake with better writers. A petition has surfaced, urging HBO to “remake Game of Thrones season eight with competent writers.” “David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no…read more »

“Free beer for whosoever findeth our beer van!”

How do you motivate the public to help you find your stolen brewery van?  Offer free beer, of course. The Unknown Brewing Company of Charlotte, North Carolina, discovered their distinctively-painted business van had been stolen when they came in to work Monday morning.  They checked their security camera and discovered they had actual footage of…read more »

Airbnb bargain turns out to be shipping container with portable toilet

Ben Speller thought he’d scored himself a real bargain. As the U.K.’s Daily Mail reports, the English soccer fan from London wanted to travel to Amsterdam last week to see his beloved Tottenham Hotspur football club play local team Ajax.  Hoping to save money on a hotel, he checked the travel accommodations website Airbnb for inexpensive lodgings. Bingo…read more »

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