KHVL The Hits is truly a unique radio station.  The Classic Hits genre is only found on a handful of radio stations in Texas, and in each of those markets, it holds strong to a Top 5 position in listenership.   KHVL The Hits is the only true Classic Hits radio station in Southeast Texas and we are excited about the continued growth of The Hits!  Every year, more and more people in Huntsville are discovering 104.9 The Hits and as our visible presence in the community continues to grow, so will our listenership.  It is our mission to SERVE the local community, the people, and businesses of our hometown.  This mission is what sets KHVL apart from all the other radio stations in Southeast Texas.

In the coming weeks, KHVL will launch an additional FM frequency at 94.1 for listeners in New Waverly, Willis and Lake Conroe!  This effectively doubles The Hits listening area!

Radio continues to hold a near-universal presence in the lives of Americans, reaching just over 93% of all Persons 12+ each week. Radio’s reach among consumers in all age groups and both genders has held steady for years with Classic Hits being one of the most popular genres in Texas.

Be a part of the exciting growth of 104.9 and the new 94.1 The Hits and  See our Media Kit and call 936-295-2651 today to speak with a Hits Account Executive.  When your business grows, it is good for the whole community!


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