Cosmetic surgeon seeing spike in clients who want to look good above their face masks

While you no doubt have heard of people seeking a nick or a tuck before bikini season, our new reality amid the COVID-19 coronavirus is apparently causing people to try to look better with their newest accessory: a face mask.

While lip fillers and neck lifts used to be in demand for the summer season, New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is seeing a spike in consultations with potential clients who want work done to their brows and forehead — the areas “above the mask.”

Dr. Greenberg explained in an email to ABC Audio, “People all day, every day, are flooding my office with questions and concerns on how to look better, because all they are seeing is eyes. They are dreading wearing a mask and limiting their beauty, because it hones people’s vision to the exposed areas of their face, which can be ‘problem areas.'”

He adds, “The eyes are the tell-tale signs of age, and while wearing a mask, your facial expressions are limited. People are concerned about their looks, and eyelids, forehead, crow’s feet and neck procedures can rejuvenate the whole face and make them feel better.”

Dr. Greenberg says “People, in general, just don’t feel good these days after months in quarantine.”


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