Huntsville memorial Hospital Emergency Room Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Antwi, reported to Facebook that given the recent confirmed positive case of COVID 19 for a resident of Walker County, and in an effort to further safeguard their healthcare workers, and the larger Walker County community from unnecessary exposure and spread of the Coronavirus, Huntsville Memorial Hospital (HMH) has instituted a first contact triage process. HMH HAS NOT set up an external COVID 19 testing facility.

All patients presenting to HMH with acute respiratory symptoms and meeting the proposed CDC surveillance criteria will be evaluated by a healthcare provider who will determine if testing is warranted. Individuals presenting WITHOUT SYMPTOMS, regardless of exposure history WILL NOT BE TESTED, by the HMH Emergency Department.

Once again the recommendation by the CDC and Governor Abbott is that everyone should continue to maintain social distancing, and remain home under self-quarantine if they have minor symptoms and or potential Coronavirus exposure with no symptoms.

Dr. Antwi said they remain committed to providing quality healthcare to the larger Walker County and surrounding communities, and ask that every citizen do their part by remaining home if they are asymptotic, or have minor symptoms and therefore decreasing the potential of self-exposure, and further spread of the Coronavirus, COVID 19.

Also, from the Walker County Office of Emergency Management, we have a report that “Walker County ordered test kits several weeks ago and are waiting for the state to fill that request so we can test here. Information will be provided as we receive it.”


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