Huntsville ISD has informed us that on Monday afternoon, October 7, 2019, it was reported to Huntsville High School campus administration that two students left class without permission. An immediate investigation was conducted with the assistance of the School Resource Officers and both students were located. After a search of their person and belongings, both students were found to be in possession of drugs and taken into custody. The drug possession prompted a routine search of their respective vehicles which were both securely parked outside. The subsequent search revealed two weapons under the back seat of the juvenile’s vehicle. At no point were the students in possession of weapons inside the school building.

Both students were turned over to law enforcement for processing and immediately removed from campus without incident. The adult aged student, 18-year-old Wyatt Watson, was arrested for drug possession while the juvenile was arrested for drug possession and a subsequent charge for weapons on school property. Appropriate disciplinary action will be administered to both students in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

The District says they are grateful that the students, staff, and administration at Huntsville High School followed campus safety procedures and quickly reported their concerns so the situation could be swiftly handled without incident. As school safety remains their highest priority, the District continues to encourage all students, staff, parents and the community to remain vigilant and report any safety concern immediately to campus administration or security officers so it can be promptly addressed.


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