Man steals credit card, signs purchases as “thief”

The cops literally have the receipts on this thief.

Police in Butler, Pennsylvania have arrested a man after he stole a credit card and signed “thief” for purchases with it, instead of his name.

KDKA-TV reports that 28-year-old Marc Lattimore allegedly swiped the card from a woman who gave him a ride in her car. He then took her credit card on a ride of his own, first purchasing a $200 phone at Metro PCS in Butler.

Lattimore also picked up beer and cigarettes from the Butler Beer and Tobacco Store. At both stops, the 28-year-old signed “thief” as his signature.

Butler Police found Lattimore in their database after the card was reported stolen. They then confirmed his identity using surveillance footage from the stores.

Authorities also called the phone purchased from Metro PCS with the stolen card. Lattimore was the person who answered the call.  Oops.

Police later picked him up on charges of receiving stolen property and theft by deception.


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