Looking over the past several days, in Huntsville Police news:

On the day shift last Friday, in a case of criminal mischief property was damaged by a possibly known suspect in the 2000 block of 11th Street.

On the day shift Saturday, a known suspect assaulted his girlfriend in the 4000 block of Sam Houston Avenue. Also a known suspect assaulted his girlfriend and interfered with an emergency call in the 1300 block of Avenue C.

On the night shift Saturday, a possibly known suspect committed theft in the 100 block of Essex Boulevard. In the 200 block of I-45 South, a known suspect assaulted a victim. In the 1500 block of 11th Street, Jermaine Jenkins was arrested for fleeing, unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In the 100 block of I-45 South, Willie Goodall was arrested for felony possession of a firearm.

On Sunday’s day shift, in a case of assault a known suspect struck a child in the 100 block of Duke Lane. A known suspect sexually assaulted his girlfriend in the 2000 block of 20th Street. In the first block of FM 247, Nicholas Jackson was arrested for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

On the night shift Sunday, a vehicle burglary was investigated in the 1100 block of Fish Hatchery Road. In the 300 block of U-S 190, Dakeldric Washington was arrested for evading with a previous conviction, manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. At the Same address, Joshua Rigsby was arrested for manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and a parole violation warrant.

On the day shift Monday, a known suspect damaged a vehicle in the 200 block of Wanza.

On Monday’s night shift, a known suspect assaulted a victim in the 3100 block of State Highway 30. In the 400 block of Sam Houston in an assault case, Johnny Moralez was arrested for interfering with an emergency phone call.


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