One of the agenda items discussed at Monday morning’s meeting of Walker County Commissioners Court involved a presentation from Commissioner Bill Daugette on the findings of the Agri-Life/4-H Assessment Committee and a discussion of options for better facilities.

One of the options was do nothing, which would result in overcrowding at the present Agri-Life/4-H location and other issues.

Option #2 involved building a two-story facility on land next to the present site. Option #2 doesn’t allow for growth.

Commissioner Daugette said the committee felt Option #3 was “the most promising for the future of the organization to construct a new facility at a new location.” This would be possibly on a token-leased 25-acre section of property owned by Sam Houston State University. He gave a slide-show presentation . . . .

On the slide projected, Commissioner Daugette pointed out a big parking lot, a headquarters building, operations building, Master Gardener’s area and a training area for use in archery, pistols and rifles.

Option #4 included a skeet shooting range. There is, however, an issue with a skeet shooting range—amount of room needed and liability issues. Mr. Daugette said the university seemed interested in including the skeet shooting option, so he is going to talk with them again about not including it to see how they felt.

He next referred back to Option #3 . . . .

Judge Pierce wasn’t at Monday’s meeting because of a very important matter that came up that required his immediate attention.

Commissioner Daugette wanted to wait for the judge to return to court to discuss the matter further. He also wanted to further talk with SHSU officials and also get a good idea on price of the project from others. The project will likely come back up for discussion several weeks from now.


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